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Bright Bandar Co.

My First Words Book (Bilingual)

My First Words Book (Bilingual)

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Learn everyday first words in English and a Second Language! The colourful illustrations will allow babies and toddlers to associate words with the things they see around them. With over 100 words inside, this bilingual book will help expand children's vocabulary and stay connected with their South Asian roots!

Page Spreads: My Bedroom, Face & Body, Food, Playground, Vehicles, Farm Animals, and Family

Available in:

  • English-Bangla
  • English-Gujarati
  • English-Hindi
  • English-Punjabi
  • English-Tamil
  • English-Telugu
  • English-Urdu

Please select your choice of language above.

Note: Each bilingual book includes English transliterations for every word in the native script!

Book type: Board book

Size: 8 x 8 in

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews
    Nice way to introduce Gujarati words

    Like most immigrants to the US I was keen to teach my kid atleast basic Gujarati and this book delivers. Have not been good about speaking in Gujarati much at home so I love it when my daughter picks up the my first words book and wants to ask me what everything is.
    Our favorite page is the last one with dada on it.

    Anyways great book would recommend to everyone with young kids. And love that it’s a hard cover board book so not too worried about it getting ruined. Because the only other Gujarati book my kid likes is ka kachbaano ka which has regular softness/texture paper which makes me nervous about reading it during mealtimes or play.

    One small detail is that for some words I’d chose a different translation based on my daily use for example Khatlo instead of palang , chaupdi instead of pustak and jutiya instead of boot. But that’s more of a personal preference and a long point of disagreement between a Charotar Patel and a Surati Patel household.

    Looking forward to the next 3 books you guys are releasing

    Nitha Theven
    Tamil Bilingual Book

    Obsessed with this book is an understatement. Truly a great selection of words. I especially appreciate the thought behind the choice of words.For example, the family section of the book, siblings are separated into how you'd call an older sibling and a younger (ex. Akka/Thangai OR Anna/Thambi). The quality of the book is also great! Would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to learn some Tamil. Can't wait to start reading this to my baby.

    Shneha patel
    Love the Gujarati Book

    Hiya I just wanted to mention I recently received an amazing gift from my brother who purchased my first words in Gujarati by bright Bandar co and it's been a life changer for both my girls. They are aged 6 and 9 and have picked up soo many new words and started incorporating them into their daily sentences. Living in a diverse modern world we find it sometimes difficult to give our children time attention towards our mother language. Being a British born myself we had one rule growing up only speak Gujarati at home and I'm now fluent but unfortunately it doesn't quite work as effectively with this generation. Bright Bandar co is really a great way of introducing kids to learn through fun activities. Thank you and I will definitely be buying more books. Great work, keep it up!

    Such a cute book!

    My son loves the pictures in this book and we love that we can teach him common first words in both languages. It is important to us that he learns Gujarati and English and this is a great tool!

    Adorable, Unique gift!

    I bought this book as a gift for my sister-in-law's baby shower. I was so excited to find this unique book since the baby will be half Gujarati, half caucasian and I want my niece to be able to grow up with some Indian culture! We are first gen Americans and don't want to lose the culture we've learned from our parents as we get older and be able to pass it on to the next generations. (as well as a reminder for me!)

    I hope more books are created! I would definitely buy them all!