Hello! My name is Dhvani Shah and I'm the owner of Bright Bandar Co. I'm a mom raising two bilingual kids in Canada!

As a parent raising two little ones while living outside of India, I know how much

Picture of the owner of Bright Bandar Co. - Dhvani Shah

conscious effort it takes to consistently teach kids our language and expose them to traditional foods, stories, music, and activities to get them to understand and appreciate their South Asian heritage!

At Bright Bandar Co., we believe that the key to understanding our culture lies in learning and developing native language skills. Being able to communicate in the native language helps children better connect with their grandparents, participate in family conversations, familiarize themselves with traditions, laugh at cultural jokes, and truly understand their heritage and roots.

English is the main language in many of our homes (in

cluding mine), and many times, we (parents) don't speak or know our language enough to pass it on. Also, there aren't too many child-friendly resources that are easily available to us closer to home.

I'm passionate about helping you raise bilingua

l children. I want to create high-quality billing dual products that make language learning fun and help preserve our South Asian roots.




The word 'Bandar' means monkey in Hindi & Urdu. Monkeys are known to be curious and playful, just like kids! Bright is for the studies that show that children raised in a multi-cultural environment and who learn more than one language at an early age grow up to have better critical thinking skills, social skills, creativity, and flexibility of mind. Through Bright Bandar Co., we hope to help you raise your own "bright Bandar"!