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Bilingual Picture Books Set

Bilingual Picture Books Set

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The Bilingual Picture Books Set includes the following three new bilingual board books:

  • Deep in the Jungle 

    "Deep in the jungle, deep in the trees, I see an animal. Who could it be?" Explore various jungle animals and emotions in this exciting bilingual board book!

  • Jalebi Baby  

    "What's in the box, baby? Is it round like a ball? Is it flat like a book? It's a sweet treat for you!" Join the baby on an adventure as they ask each family member to guess the contents of their mithai (sweet treat) box.

  • Rainy Days

    "On rainy days, I sing, dance, and twirl my umbrella to my tune!" This bilingual book will take young readers through the joys and frustrations of a rainy day, as experienced by a young girl! 

The set of 3 books is available in:

  • Gujarati-English
  • Hindi-English

Please select your choice of language above.

Note: Each product includes English transliterations for every word in the native script!

Book type: Board books

Size: 8 x 8 in

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