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Bilingual Learning Blocks

Bilingual Learning Blocks

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Each set comes with 10 cardboard blocks that teach numbers, colours, fruits, and animals in English and a Second Language! These blocks stack up to form a tower almost 3 feet tall and nest into each other to fit in an outer carrying box.

This set of stackable blocks will help children develop strong cognitive and gross motor skills, and encourage creative play, all while expanding their vocabulary in a second language and promoting familiarity with their South Asian roots!

Block sides: Numbers, Colours, Fruits, Animals, Mandala (on top)

Available in:

  • English-Bangla
  • English-Gujarati
  • English-Hindi
  • English-Punjabi
  • English-Tamil
  • English-Telugu
  • English-Urdu

Please select your choice of language above.

Note: Each bilingual set includes English transliterations for every word in the native script!

Size of the Outer Box: 6 x 6 x 6 inches

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Customer Reviews

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Radhika Ravani
Learning Blocks

I just got this amazing product as a gift from my friend. My daughter loves it. I love the bright colours for kids and sturdy hard quality which meant for long lasting.

Fun way to teach Gujarati

I bought my son the bilingual learning blocks in December and they were an instant hit! He absolutely loves building it up and finding different ways to knock them down. But the biggest thing I've noticed is how quickly it has helped him to learn his numbers in Gujarati. Having something visual which helps build the connections with the numbers he knows in English to the Gujarati numbers is something this product is ideal for! I also learnt a thing or two from them myself. I would definitely recommend it!

Thoughtful product

Great product !! My daughter loves it.. she enjoys stacking ,points pictures and says it in our language ( Telugu) … most important they are very responsive and have answered all my questions promptly…

Amiksha Gandhi
Such a great gift

We bought this and the bilingual book for our niece and she loves it. Its such a great gift and great quality too.

Learning Blocks with fun!

We got this for my 3 year old and he absolutely loved it! He loves to build a tower with his blocks and then knocking it. It’s a great toy to teach independent play and interactive play with opportunities to teach turn taking. The bilingual learning blocks are very good quality and are a fun way to teach our kids our language. I’m so glad I got this for my son. Thank you!